Our Partners

The International Cool Climate Wine Show has a long history of being involved in many facets of the wine industry.  Over the years, it has formed successful partnerships with a variety of different organisations:

  •  Some like SW work closely with the wine industry providing business needs & advice,

  • Or like Grapeworks via better technology & equipment to winemakers

  • Others like RIEDEL, enrich the wine experience for consumers enjoying Cool Climate Wines.

In 2022, the ICCWS is proud to be involved with the following partners.

For more information about these partners, please click on the links provided.

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Website link www.riedel.com


Founded in 1756, RIEDEL celebrates 265 years as a family-owned business in 2021!


RIEDEL was the first in history to recognize that the taste & aroma of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, & has been recognised for its revolutionary designs complementing alcoholic beverages and other drinks.


From wine to champagne to spirits, RIEDEL offers enhanced enjoyment for every drink backed by decades of research and development. Learn more Why Shape Matters.


RIEDEL glassware is distributed worldwide & can be found at all good retailers and fine dining destinations.


From everyday drinker to service-focused bars & restaurants, discerning wine & spirit lovers choose RIEDEL for every occasion. RIEDEL produces glass collections & decanters for every lifestyle and price range, whether you're a connoisseur, classic entertainer, or casual drinker.

SW logo w descriptor - navy.png

SW Accountants & Advisors  

Website link https://www.sw-au.com/


SW are leaders in the agribusiness sector with a team of experts that are up-to-date with current trends and issues surfacing within the wine industry & agribusiness sector. SW can identify the right opportunities & provide assurance, business advisory, corporate finance & tax consulting services.

Australian wine has long held a stellar & well earned reputation in global markets. SW understand the opportunities & challenges facing the wine & hospitality sectors in producing and selling wine both domestically & internationally. SW implemented renewable energy solutions & developed water & waste management programs for winery operators to help reduce their carbon footprint and generate direct financial benefits, leading to increased investment in ongoing sustainable operations to support their growth.


SW always look to add value for our clients in developing and supporting their strategic goals; demonstrated through our targeted advisory services, EMDG and diversification support and working collaboratively with our Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin offices to conduct wine invest sessions.



SW Corporate Profile



Website link https://www.grapeworks.com.au/


Grapeworks & Tanium are leading providers of premium winemaking & beverage supplies. The range of products includes, oenological & cleaning supplies, cellar, bottling and crushpad equipment. Our complete range of flexible solutions cover winemaking & cider, spirit, beer & kombucha production. 

As specialists in sparkling wine products including fermenting yeasts, nutrients & adjuvant, Grapeworks can supply a huge range of both stock & custom sparkling wine hoods, crown seals, corks and muselets.  

And with 20 years’ of industry experience, our in house technicians are available to install and provide ongoing support, maintenance and repair. 

More 2022 Partners details to follow soon..