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Cool Climate Wine Definition

The term “Cool Climate Wine” is difficult to define internationally.
The International Cool Climate Wine Show (ICCWS) will accept wines from those regions around the world where growers experience marginal ripening conditions at harvest.

For the purpose of this Show, the term “Cool Climate” has been defined as wines coming from a vineyard where there are:

  1. Heat degree days of 1600 or less (see below)

  2. Cool nights in the growing season

  3. Four distinct seasons

  4. Cool autumns.

Wines must be from a commercial bottling run of a minimum of 450 litres at the due time of delivery of competition entries. Inspections of stock on hand may be made. When stock on hand is below minimum amount, a sealed envelope detailing sales history must be supplied.

A wine is determined as Cool Climate based on where the grapes are grown.

Wineries/distributors can contact the Chairman via email at to clarify their eligibility as wines may be audited.

All entries must be processed through the online form, available for completion on the Showrunner. 

A link can also be found via the Entry Form page.

Entry Opening Date Monday 15 January 2024
Closing date for Wine Entries Monday 24 June 2024

All entries must be paid for at the time of entering. International payments must be in Australian dollars.

Entry fees are $ 110 Australian Dollars (incl. GST) per wine entered in Classes 1-35.

Reduced entry fee of $90 Australian Dollars (incl GST) per wine entered applies to Classes 36-39 (Low or No Alcohol Wines, Fortified Wines & Dessert Wines).

All payments to be made online via Showrunner Payment Gateway, all payments will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Entries must be placed by midnight on the Official Closing date of Friday 24 June 2024.

Entry labels must be placed on the bottles, by the entrant before sending. Labels will be emailed from the entry system, to the entrant, and can be printed onto labels using a standard printer (a laser printer is preferred for printing wine entry labels if possible.)

Exhibits must be forwarded directly, with freight and duties fully paid, to the address provided in the Entry Confirmation email, in order to arrive by no later than 1st July 2024.

No rebate of fees for withdrawn entries will be made.

There is no restriction on the number of classes a winemaker may enter, but a wine may not be entered in more than one class, nor may the same wine be entered in the one class under different brands.

Exhibits will be judged on a standard show judging points system out of 100 points.

At least four (4) x 750ml bottles of wine are required for each entry. Commercial labels identifying brands and varieties are encouraged to be left on. 

If you use 350ml bottles, please notify the:
Event Manager by email and you will be required to send six (6) bottles per wine entry. 

Fortified & Dessert Wines four (4) x 500ml bottles of wine are required for each entry.

After close of entries, no person will be permitted access to the exhibits except Judges, Stewards and the Event Management Team, until the awards have been made.

All exhibits become the property of the Committee.

The Committee of Management has complete control of the Show and no Exhibitor shall have relief from any court arising from a decision by the Committee of Management, its Event Management Team, or Judges.

The ICCWS Clarification of Organic Wines is as follows:

Organic Wines 

The wines must be certified by a registered body in the country of origin, for example  Australian  wines  against Australian Standards 6000-2015 – organic products. Organic wine is made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Only wines grown in cool climates are eligible.

Wines must be from a commercial bottling run of a minimum of 450 litres at the due time of delivery of competition entries.

For any clarification prior to submitting wines (including location’s eligility), please contact the Event Manager:

The ICCWS Committee of Management (COM) and the Chair of Judges may require further evidence of eligibility and will have the final decision in determining whether a wine is eligible or not.

Wines will not be returned if they do not meet the eligibility as determined by the COM and the Chair of Judges.

You may be invited to supply additional bottles of wine for any combination of the following:

  • Trophy & Top Gold/Gold medal wines are specially featured at the Presentation Dinner and other post marketing events.


  • Pre-show events & Master Classes, please speak with ICCWS Event Manager if you would like to be involved in these events.

The decision to participate in any of these promotional activities is entirely yours. For those who choose to participate, the cost of the wine and freight will be the responsibility of the provider.

Any questions please contact Event & Marketing Manager, Kirsty Thomas-Thoeun via email

Click on the tab below to download a PDF of the above Conditions of Entry.

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