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Pouring Wine

What we do

ICCWS is an Incorporated Not for Profit Organisation supported by a strong Committee of Management with backgrounds & experience across the following fields - winemakers, wine distribution, accounting, agriculture, business development, marketing, advertising, social media, restaurants, hospitality, wine & culinary tourism. ICCWS is supported by a volunteer group of some 50 people.

ICCWS appreciates our sound & valued partnerships with Cool Climate wineries & Wine imports/distributors in Australia, NZ, France, Italy, the USA and many other countries. ICCWS enjoys a strong online presence with website & social media.

ICCWS Show & events provide productive benefits to the participants & partners including exposure through ICCWS website, social media, print & radio coverage, as well as unlimited networking & business opportunities with 'Trade only' events. The Show & Events also have a strong educational element for the wine industry there are educational & industry specific Symposiums on “The Effects of Climate Change on the Wine Industry” & other workshops planned for 2022, along with industry relevant updates. For consumers, there are many opportunities to develop knowledge & appreciation for Cool Climate Wines.



The Show targets:

·    Cool Climate wineries within Australia, NZ & around the world.

·    Wineries that desire greater exposure in Australia.

·    Wineries which are keen to benchmark their product against that of their peers.

·    Wine importers & distributors.

·    Sommeliers, winemakers & wine industry within Australia & internationally.

·    Educational Tasting Days are open to wine enthusiasts.

·    Media locally, nationally & internationally.

·    Wine influencers, writers & bloggers.

·    Industry & Consumers via our Website, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.


ICCWS Events target:

·    Wineries/importer/distributors that desire greater exposure in Australia.

·    Wine connoisseurs & enthusiasts be they the more experienced wine buffs or general consumers keen           to learn more about Cool Climate Wines.

·    Sommeliers, restauranteurs & winemakers.

·    Media – locally, nationally & internationally.

·    Wine organisations, Food & Wine Societies.

·    Industry & Consumers via our Website, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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