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International Cool Climate Wine Show 2024 
Associate Judges 

courtney keegan.jpg

Courtney Keegan

With 10+ years of experience in Hospitality and bottle shop retail, Courtney felt she was ready to take the next step in the wine industry.  She was a steward at The Melbourne Royal Wine Show and the Langton’s Yarra Valley Wine Show in 2022.  This showed her a glimpse into the wine judging arena and since then, she has had a strong desire to contribute her insights.


Courtney has a substantial understanding of many international and Australian wine styles and regions, and is relishing the opportunity to further expand upon her knowledge and palate.


Courtney has also completed WSET level 2 and 3 with Distinction.

Jim mullany.jpg

Jim Mullany

Jim studied Law and worked in the legal profession before his fascination with wine ultimately led him to complete the WSET Diploma in Wines and become involved in the industry.

He is now an educator with WSET as well pouring wines by the glass at Atlas Vinifera Wine Bar and running private tasting events.

He has travelled extensively around the globe visiting producers and their vineyards to learn from the source and undertook vintage at Lethbridge Wines this year. Jim was an Associate Judge at last year’s International Cool Climate Wine Show as well as a Judge at the Eltham Wine Show.


Romaric Bertholle

For the past seven years, Romaric has resided in Australia, having originated from Vertus, a town in the Marne area of Champagne. His familial roots lie in winemaking, with his grandfather initiating the family business as a "Récoltant Coopérateur" in 1955. Romaric’s upbringing involved active participation in vineyard work, especially during summer breaks and harvest seasons. The significance of wine within his French culture is ingrained, often accompanying pivotal family events from a young age.


In pursuit of broader experiences, he ventured to Paris to study and work in the tourism industry, ultimately earning a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hospitality from La Sorbonne University. This phase of my his afforded him extensive travel throughout Europe, exposing Romaric to diverse cultures, cuisines, and wines. Countries such as Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, and Italy broadened his appreciation for wines beyond the traditional "Champagne."


Further exploration of France's various wine regions, from Alsace and Burgundy to the more unconventional Basque and Jura, followed. Subsequently, his global travels from South and North America to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, California, and Hawaii revealed the widespread production of wine.


Upon settling in Australia in 2016, his connection with wine deepened, echoing his familial roots. Working at Sirromet Winery in Brisbane under Chief Winemaker Mike Hayes kindled his passion for winemaking. Subsequently, Romaric pursued formal education, obtaining a diploma in Wine Technology from GoTAFE Victoria, alongside WSET L2 and L3 certifications with distinction. Romaric currently serve as a winemaker at Kilchurn Wines, specializing in Sparkling Wines.


Romaric’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his pursuit of the WSET L4 and participation as an associate judge at the Australian Sparkling Wines Show. International travels, including visits to France, Croatia, New Zealand, and Japan, enriched his understanding of different terroirs and winemaking techniques.

Although his direct work experience is primarily in Australia, he had the privilege of exploring vineyards and meeting winemakers globally. This has honed his understanding of cool climate wines from various regions.


As an Associate Judge, Romaric approaches wine with humility, recognizing the vastness of this industry. His daily training involves dosage trials at work and weekly tastings at home, refining his palate with tools such as "Le Nez du Vin." Romaric is eager to contribute his skills and passion to the International Cool Climate Wine Show, confident that the esteemed panel and diverse selection of wines will offer a rich learning experience.

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